FUN FACT FRIDAY: JSD Students Participate in Schools Day on the Hill

Silver Crest students sing at Utah State CapitolIt was an exciting day for some Jordan School District students who were invited to participate in #DistrictDay on the Hill. The Silver Crest Elementary School choir performed in the Capitol rotunda and the Oquirrh Hills Middle STEM Academy Robotics Team had a demonstration booth for legislators and all visiting students to enjoy.

Right now lawmakers are considering 181 education-related bills and Governor Herbert has requested a 4% increase in the Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU), which would provide about 120 million additional dollars for classrooms around the state if approved.

If you would like to review the 2017 bills proposed by your local lawmakers, we have a link to each of them below.
Sen. Wayne Harper
Sen. Howard Stephenson
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore
Rep. Eric Hutchings
Rep. Dan McCay
Rep. Kim Coleman
Rep. Adam Gardiner
Rep. Ken Ivory
Rep. Susan Pulsipher
Rep. John Knotwell

Southland Students Test Engineering Skills During STEM Education Day

Southland students work on project during STEM Education DaySixth-grade students at Southland Elementary had the opportunity to test their engineering and designing skills during a recent STEM Education Day at the school.

Representatives from Boeing stopped by the school to talk about how airplanes are engineered and fly. Students first learned about the Phantom Eye, an unpiloted aerial vehicle that Boeing developed that can stay in flight for several days at a time. The plane was developed with a very long wingspan, which helps it fly longer distances at higher altitudes than planes you would see at airports or jetting across the skies. They learned about how planes lift off the ground and what kinds of designs are required to help planes get aloft and stay in flight.

Then, the inquisitive students had opportunities to work in teams to design their own long wingspan model planes. They tested how much weight the plane can sustain while still staying together and theoretically ‘fly’.

The students learned that technology and utilizing the scientific method is fun and engaging.

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West Jordan Middle Student Artwork in National Spotlight

Students holding ceramic artworkThey are student artisans who handcraft ceramics that are colorful and creative. Recently, West Jordan Middle’s Zachery Both, Diana Rincon, Victoria Nguyen, Brianna Lucas and Stacy Smith had their work juried or judged for the National K12 Ceramics Competition. Thousands of pieces from schools around the country were submitted and all five WJM students received recognitions for their work. In fact, Brianna Lucas is one of the top national winners for her creation, “Cactus Teapot,” which will be on display at the National Ceramics exhibit in Portland, Oregon next month. Congratulations to these talented students and their teacher, Ellice Taylor!

Jordan Education Association Says Thanks to Generous Donors

Crayon drawing of a computer with the words 'Thank You'It was a day to say thank you to members of the community who step up in support of children and educators throughout Jordan School District with their generous contributions to the Jordan Education Foundation (JEF).

The Foundation held its annual donor appreciation lunch with a theme of “Nourishing Hungry Minds.” Programs, grants and scholarships funded by the JEF were highlighted along with a tearful and heartfelt thank you from Bingham High graduate and scholarship recipient, Sara Perez, who said her dream of attending college came true thanks to a JEF scholarship she received.

Southland Elementary School’s 4th grade students provided entertainment with three songs and accompanied by bongo drums, which were purchased with JEF grant money.

We cannot stress enough our appreciation and love for everyone who contributes to classrooms, students and teachers through the JEF.

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