Bond Fact Friday: Will The Proposed Bond Impact or Benefit Charter Schools?

Ask Your QuestionsThis bond will have an impact on charter schools because when tax revenues increase, charter school funding increases.

Charter schools receive the statewide average on funding. So, as school districts anywhere in the state increase tax revenues, including issuing bonds to build new schools, the statewide average of tax revenues increases. This, in turn means more money for charters and is called Local Replacement Funds.

Also, when bond money is available to build additional schools, the District has more seats available for students who may want to enroll in a charter for elementary school but come back to a District school for their secondary education.

As we plan for the future in building new schools, we take into consideration that charter schools may absorb some of the student growth and we plan accordingly.

At the end of the day, we all benefit from successful schools. Working side by side, District and charter schools alike can have a profound impact on young lives and the communities in which we live.

Rose Creek Students Give Classmate Battling Leukemia Lots to Smile About

img_1706It was a day Kalel Casper will remember for a very long time. Kalel is battling leukemia, but he’s getting a big boost in his fight from Rose Creek Elementary classmates. Mrs. Speer’s 4th grade class decided they wanted to do something to show Kalel how much they love and support him. So, they collected pennies. Those pennies turned into so much more. In fact, the class ended up raising more than $600 for Kalel.

When KSL News heard about it, reporter Shara Park came out to give the class the KSL High 5 award, a story that will air sometime in the coming weeks. Meantime, Kalel’s classmates gave him a treasure chest filled with his favorite things, a big get well card and a check for $513.14!
Good luck in your recovery, Kalel. We are proud of Mrs. Speer’s 4th grade class for their big act of kindness and support. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

JSD Truancy Specialist Honored By Utah State Courts

Luann Leavitt and Carolyn Wootton at the 2016 Annual Judicial Conference in Park CityUtah State Courts recently honored Carolyn Wootton, Jordan School District Truancy Specialist, with their Service to the Courts Award. The courts gave the award during their 2016 Annual Judicial Conference in Park City in early October.

Carolyn was honored for her outstanding contribution to the judicial system through efforts as a volunteer, or through work on committees, teams or in specialized projects of the courts.

Congratulation Carolyn!

Chinese Immersion Students Learn the Art of Bargaining at Mini Market Place

Chinese Immersion Students Learn the Art of Bargaining at Mini Market PlaceIt was an exciting day for students in Mrs. Lay Kou’s 3rd grade Chinese Immersion classroom. That’s because storefronts went up and merchandise went out, ready for customers and business to begin. You see, Mrs. Kou’s classroom was turned into a Mini Market Place giving students a hands-on lesson in the Chinese art of bargaining. In Asia, stores and open markets are commonplace and bargaining is a daily activity, with sellers trying to sell at top dollar and customers trying to purchase products getting the best bargains possible.

Mrs. Kou’s students each had up to 10 homemade items to sell and $40 in fake money to buy things. All sales and purchases were, of course, carried out speaking Chinese and students were graded on different aspects of the Mini Market experience, including their ability to bargain.

Thanks to this wonderful, innovative teacher for engaging students in a way that makes learning meaningful and fun. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.